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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the North Carolina Council of Safety concerning North Carolina troops in South Carolina and Georgia
North Carolina. Council of Safety
October 25, 1776
Volume 15, Page 692

North Carolina, In Council of Safety,
October 25th, 1776.

Whereas, this council are well informed that certain officers in the service of the State of South Carolina have enlisted sundry Regulars of this State out of the North Carolina troops now in Georgia.

Resolved, That this Board do utterly disapprove of such measures, that it is unjustifiable and has an obvious tendency to obstruct the Regular service, and to endanger the common defence of North and South Carolina, and therefore that General Howe be and he is hereby directed to reclaim the soldiers so as above mentioned enlisted by the South Carolina officers, and he is also directed to remove the whole of the North Carolina troops now in Georgia immediately to this State.

By order,

(A copy from the Journal.)