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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter of recommendation from Thomas Polk et al. concerning Henry Dixon
Polk, Thomas, 1732-1794; Et Al.
September 02, 1777
Volume 15, Page 708

(Book of “Army Returns,” No. 27, p. 8)

Camp near Brandywine, Sept. 2nd., 1777.

As there is a vacancy in the Third Regiment of North Carolina in the service of the United States, occasioned by the Promotion of Major Lockhart, we think it cannot be better filled than by promoting Henry Dixon, who has served as a Captn. in the Continental Army two years, and has always been indefatigable in his Duty, who we believe is endowed with Courage and Conduct.

We are, Sir, your Obedt. Huml. Servts.,
Thos. Polk, Col. 4th Rt.
Gideon Lamb. Col. 6th R.
James Armstrong, Col. 8th R.
T. Clark, Col. 1st Battn.
John Patten, L. C., 2nd R.
Ja. Thackston, Lt. Col. 4th B.
Arch'd Lytle, Lt. Col. 6th B.
Lott Brewster, Major 7th B.
Will. Polk, Maj. 9th B.
Jno. Walker, Major.

If the above is not entirely inconsistent with the established regulation of the Army, I think the Majority cannot be better filled than by the appointment of Captain Dixon.

Br. Genl.