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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Craike to Jethro Sumner
Craike, Thomas
June 14, 1779
Volume 15, Pages 742-743


Charles Town, June 14th, 1779.

Dr. General:

I have delivered a Quantity of Cloths (of the Patterns I sent to you by Capt. Hilton) to Mr. Wills, who is to make them up for the officers in ab. 29 days. I have also purchased 100 pieces of Britannias which if you think proper I will deliver to the Quarter Master, & give him an Invoice of the Cost, to be delivered to the Officers at ⅓ of the Cost agreeable to the Resolve of our Assembly. I have not been able to procure as yet Cloathing for the men; Overalls & Jackets I imagine will be all that will be wanting for the Continental Troops. The 5 months men from what I could understand from Genl. Lincoln, are not to receive Cloathing; at the same time I wish he would consider their naked situation & give orders to allow them some small portion of Cloathing. The Counties from which those poor fellows came from are much to blame. They have not done them Justice in General, as, they were to have supplied their respective drafts with Cloathing that would have been sufficient for the Campaign. As it is not probable that I shall receive any money from North Carolin, I have no expectation of making more purchases of any kind, which will make it unnecessary for me to stay much longer here; I will therefore be Obliged to you to let me know what will be wanting for Troops that I may do everything in

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my power before I go. I should have purchased linen for yr. hunting shirt, but wait to know if the Britannias will answer that purpose. Please to give my Compliments to Col. Armstrong & Maj. Eaton & I remain,

Dr. Genl,
Yr. Obedt. hble. Servt.,