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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Davis to Thomas Burke
Davis, Thomas, 1761-1790
February 15, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 195-196

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax, February 15th, 1782.


Under the necessity of leaving town this day, I take the liberty

-------------------- page 196 --------------------
once more though much against my inclination to trouble your Excellency with a Line for which intrusion I beg your pardon.

Anxious to get to business before the meeting of the next General Assembly and very desirous of convincing the people of Halifax who have been too often amused and trifled with by the Printers of the reality of my intentions, I only beg leave to remind your Excellency of your promise to signify by letter to Colonel Burton or Colonel Long the want of a wagon.

As it is altogether out of my power at my own expense or by any other means to get the press transported hither, your Excellency’s compliance will not only oblige me most essentially, but I am convinced, be very satisfactory to every part of the community. The Warrant on the Treasury, I shall defer troubling your Excellency for until a fitter opportunity, which may happen when I next have the honor to see your Excellency.

With great obedience I am
Your Excellency’s,
H’ble Serv’t,