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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hardy Sanders to Thomas Burke
Sanders, Hardy
February 26, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 208-209

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wake County, February 26th, 1782.


Yesterday Mr. Fleetwood brought three hundred and seventy-six Steers into this County which were collected in Cumberland County of the following persons, viz.: Malcolm Brice, No. 9; Archibald Brice, No. 7; Malcolm Clark, No. 3; Peter McArthur, No. 20; John Gilchrist, No. 25; John Monroe, No. 4; Daniel Campbell, No. 9; Jno. Clark, Jr., No. 11; Daniel McClane, No. 9; Robert Raiford, No. 2. Alexander Gregory, No. 8; John McKithen, No. 113; Daniel McNeil, No. 20; Farquard Campbell, No. 12; Jno. McNeill, No. 75; Thomas Armstrong, Colonel of Cumberland, No. 3; the Remainder,

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viz: 42 purchased and paid for, of which no memorandum was made.

Colonel Folsom, the Bearer hereof, will inform your Excellency of the characters of the disposers of the above Cattle. Mr. Fleetwood having produced no orders from you, agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed last Session, I thought it my duty to detain the said Cattle, as an officer, till I received your orders.

I now wait to put in execution such orders as shall be given, Sir,

Your Most H’ble Serv’t to command,