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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Bennett Crafton to Thomas Burke
Crafton, Bennett
February 28, 1782
Volume 16, Page 210

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp at Dr. Hall’s, February 28th, 1782.


On my return to Camp last evening, I found the Camp out of provision. I this morning sent to the Commissioner of Franklin County who was ordered by His Excellency Gov. Martin to furnish me with all necessaries for the men and horses until ordered from this station. He has refused to furnish me with any thing further. I am at a loss what to do on this occasion and would be glad if you would send me some orders and let me know in what manner I am to be supplied with provisions, &c., as I have not one ounce of any kind on hand.

There are, since I was down with you, ten men who have joined the Regiment from New Berne District. When I was at Halifax I did not receive the several articles that I much need that I did not mention in the memorandum I gave you, viz: Drums and Colors and Fifes, pots and fifty men.