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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to Robert Morris
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
June 22, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 340-341

[From Executive Letter Book.]

State of North Carolina,
22nd June, 1782.


Since my appointment to the Government of this State I am favoured with your Letters of April 5th and of April 30th, covering Resolves of Congress of the 20th and 27th of February, and two small chests with notes, a letter and other papers relative thereto. Those antecedent to those dates my Predecessor, I make no doubt, hath given you an acknowledgement of the reception of, which he laid before the General Assembly at their last Session. And I am sorry to inform you, Sir, from the peculiar circumstances of this State the sense of that Body was not at present to levy a Continental Tax in Specie agreeably to the several Resolutions of Congress and recommendations of yourself on that subject; but as soon as our affairs can be reduced to order, I flatter myself due attention will be made to that important business.

A year had almost elapsed before an Assembly could be convened from the repeated internal commotions in the State, and alarms from the disaffected which had thrown the Government into such confusion, but these have partly subsided and the State begins to wear a new appearance. The subject of compleating our Continental

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Battalions hath chiefly employed the Assembly—every 20th man in the State is to be draughted for this purpose, who must serve by himself or substitute eighteen months, and to be properly equipped and Cloathed from the Class to which he belongs—one hundred Waggons and Teams are to be procured from the State for the Continental service in lieu of two hundred men, apportioned to the several Counties; the great expence attending individuals in the above Business, together with a Specie Tax for the support of Government and a Tax for Specific supplies for the current year, which, with the Tax of Paper Currency for the last year yet unpaid, add an enormous burthen upon the people at large, and the poor in particular.

A large body of Militia, together with the late twelve months’ men, forming a considerable part of General Greene’s Army, together with the residue of that Army, in the Southern Department, have drawn great supplies from this State, both by contribution and purchase, which Debts this State hath assumed to discharge, will also be a small Apology for our not undertaking more at present; sensible at the same time of the great claims, the other States may have for a like indulgence, and the great necessity of supporting the Federal War in the mode prescribed; yet if equal advantages are derived from our inequalities, which, from necessity we were obliged to run into for the present, the great purpose is equally effected.

The Hon. Richard Caswell is appointed a Comptroller for the State to adjust, if possible, our various and perplexed accounts, that they may be reduced to some order before they undergo a Continental Scrutiny. As soon as he will accomplish the Business, the Resolution of Congress, on this Subject, I make no doubt will be acceded to.

Your Notes I shall continue sealed up in the Chests until the next General Assembly, when the subject matter of them I shall lay before the Legislature, and shall, until that time, if I obtain the advice of the Council of State, direct the reception of your Notes already issued to the Quarter Master, in Specie Taxes as by you recommended.

I have the Honor to be, &c.,