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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel Chapman to Jethro Sumner
Chapman, Samuel
January 07, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 477-478


New Bern, Jamuary 7th, 1782.

Dear General:

Col. Armstrong has just informed me that it is your orders that I should repair to Camp. I am very sorry, Sir, that it is not in my power at present to comply with your orders. Whether my indisposition proceeds from the sickly climate I live in, or my former service in the field, I cannot determine, but it is the Doctor’s opinion that I am not in a situation at present to endure the fatigues of a Campaign; neither do I feel myself able to bear half the fatigue I have formerly gone thro’ in the Army, both to the Northward

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and Southward. I am in hopes that by regular diet at home this Winter I shall in the Spring be able to take the field again, at which time, if I can render my Country any service, it will be the height of my wishes. I am endeavouring, by a small trade, to lay in such a Store of provisions, &c., for my young family as will, I am in hopes, supply them the whole year.

I hope, Sir, you will not disapprove of my conduct in that respect, when you know that it is impossible for Officers, at this place, to obtain any of the necessaries of life for themselves or their families, and should I omit the present opportunity, I must leave mine in distress.

Submitting the whole to you, who are best acquainted with affairs, both Military and Domestic, I am, with the Greatest Respect,

Dear, General,
Your most obedient,
Humble Servant,