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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hardy Murfree to Jethro Sumner
Murfree, Hardy
March 31, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 578-579


Camp Beacon’s Bridge,
March 31st, 1782.

Dear General:

Agreeable to your instructions I met the Officers of your Brigade and made the arrangement which I have sent you with two Copies which I hope will meet with your approbation.

It was the opinion of the Board that Captns. Medearis and Ramsey should be left out. Ramsey wrote to Camp that he did not intend to join the Army, and were informed that Medearis would not. The Board have appointed three Subaltern Officers, who I hope you will be pleased with.

I applyed to Genl. Greene to have Captain Armstrong appointed your A. D. C., which was done. I wanted to compleat the First and Second Regiments, but it was General Greene’s opinion that they had better do duty as they have done heretofore, as the men’s times are so near expiring, so I have done nothing about it. Major Armstrong will go home in a few days and I shall request him to Superintend the District of Salisbury. Major Blount has also got permission to go home. Captain Doherty Came to Camp a few days before me with the Cloathing for the Officers.

Those Officers that had been prisoners in Charlestown claimed their proportion. I applyed to General Greene to know in what manner it should be issued. He directed that it should be issued agreeable to Gov. Martin’s instructions to Captain Doherty. I then ordered a Board of Officers to sit to enquire who was intitled to the Cloathing agreeable to the instructions. The Board reported that the Officers that drew in Charlestown and Captain Mills Jones, Lieutenants Wilkerson, Pearl and Doctor Fergus was not intitled to their proportion agreeable to the instructions. Lieut. Pastuer will inform you the particulars of it.

On my coming to Camp I asked Major McRee if he gave the pass to Stockley, Lt. Wilkerson’s Express. He told me he did not, upon which I had Lt. Wilkerson arrested.

I mentioned to General Greene that you expected to have his

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orders to return to Camp before you left North Carolina. He said if you could be of service there you had better continue, as the most of the Men’s times are nearly expired, but he has wrote you by Lt. Pasture I suppose on the subject.

The chat in the neighbourhood of Camp is that the Enemy are preparing to leave Charlestown, the truth of which I don’t purtend to say. We have no news worth mentioning. I have inclosed a Brigade return.

I am your most obedient servant,