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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Pitt County concerning a pardon for Job Tyson
Hardee, John; Simpson, John, 1728-1788; Et Al.
April 01, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 580-581


To His Excellency Thos. Burke, Esqr., Governor of the State of North Carolina, and the Honourable Gentlemen of the Council:

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Pitt County Humbly Sheweth: That Mr. Job Tyson having taken a Parole from Lord Cornwallis as he was passing through this State and hath not acted an Inimical part against it, so far as to take up Arms, but he being young and apprehensive, that his conduct was sufficient to bring him to severe punishment, left this State and went into South Carolina so that he being ignorant of the Several Proclamations offered to Delinquents could not Avail himself thereof.

And as the sd. Job Tyson had before taken an active part in Defence of this State and freely Turned out as a Volunteer in Defence of this State when the British first Reduced Charlestown and a person intirely young, and we doubting not but if he Should be received again as a Citizen but that he will become a useful member of Society. We, the Subscribers, do hereby recommend & Humbly Petition to your Excellency & Honour to Pardon him, not Doubting in the least but that his Conduct hereafter will prove Sufficient to merit the approbation of all good Citizens.

Martinborough, April 1st, 1782.
John Hardee, J. P.,
Saml. Stafford, C. L. H.,
Henry Ellis,
John Simpson, J. P.,
Matthew Randolph,
George Moye,
Benj. May, J. P.,
David Perkins,
Matthw. Hodges,
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Stephen Brooks,
Thos. Ringgold,
Josiah Little,
Rich. Allen,
Wm. Whitfield,
Jas. Latham,
Jas. Crandell,
Geo. Evans,
Geo. Fatroney,
James Bynum,
Cornelius Tison,
Jonathan Tison,
Aaron Tison,
Wm. Tison,
Isaac Baldnee,
William Johnson,
Solomon Allison,
Thomas Goff,
James May,
Thomas Box,
Dr. Rich. Williams,
George Wolfenden,
Watkins Hart,
George Sugg,
Charles Tiddell,
Barnum Heart,
Samuel Truss,
William Heart,
Louis Davis,
Jesse Jordan,
Frederick Tison,
George Moye, Jr.,
Samuel Huze,
Abraham Joyner,
George Dikes,
Jesse Dikes,
John Joyner, Jr.
William Ottry.
John Joyner.