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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hardy Murfree to Jethro Sumner
Murfree, Hardy
May 01, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 614-615


Camp Bacon’s Bridge, 1st May, 1782.

Dear General:

I have enclosed you a Monthly Return of the Brigade. Also a Copy of General Greene’s orders respecting Inlisting our men in the South Carolina line, and Ligenary Corps. They have enlisted but few as yet, but expect they will enlist a good many as they give a large Bounty. The State of South Carolina give three negroes for three years.

I apply’d to General Greene to know if we could get some money to inlist the men ourselves. He told me there was no money to be had. I believe if we had Cash we could get a great many men for the war. The Genl. mentioned it to me before he gave the order and said he would be sorry to displease the Assembly of North Carolina but was under the necessity of doing it, if he was to order them to be given up at a future day, as the Army at this time was weak.

Major Donoho, Captains Raiford, Rhodes, Sharp, Brevard & Carter, Lts. Ashe & Dixon come to North Carolina with the discharged men. I have given them directions to wait on you for your orders.

Mr. Robert Munford apply’d to me to enter in the Brigade as Officer. I ass’l’d the officers together and mentioned it to them, who was all willing he should enter as a Cadit, if he met with your approbation, as he is a genteel young man, formerly an Officer in the Virginia Line. Acquainted with service, and of a good family, I have given him a certificate as a Cadit the 29th April, 1782. If you approve of him should be glad you would send him a certificate the first opportunity, as he would be glad to know whether he could come in, or not. He is now acting as an Assistant to Captain Crump, A. D. Q. M. G.

Our men are in great want of cloathing, shirts and overalls. We have several that has not ½ a yard cloathing about them, and are returned not fir for duty, for want of cloathing.

I have nothing to tell you from the Southward, only General Wayne keeps them close in Savannah. The enemy are frequently sending out small parties near this, but they loose no time in getting

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back again. Three ships of War and 16 empty transports arrived at Charles town a few days ago. Genl. Oharo(O’Hara) came with them. The 19th & 30th Regiments are embarking, some say they are bound for Georgia, others say for the West Indies.

Please to let me hear from you.

In the mean time accept my best wishes and believe me to be
Your mo. Hum. Servt.,

N. B.—Lieut. Campen has marched to camp, 25 men, 8 days ago.

H. M.

The Officers belonging to the Ncrth Carolina Brigade, such as have ever Joined the Southern army, are put in the returns. But those that never joined, the Adjt. Genl. will not have returned in our Returns, as they are not considered a part of this army.

H. M.