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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Bourke to Thomas Burke
Bourke, Thomas
September 20, 1782
Volume 16, Page 656


George Town, 20th Sept., 1782.

Dear Sir:

Being informed by our friend Mr. Judge Burke of his intentions to send an Express to you, on business respecting yourself, I snatch this Opportunity of Dropping you a few lines to Assure you of the pleasure I feel on the prospect of Seeing you Shortly in Charles Town, which the Enemy will, I hope, evacuate in the Course of Twenty Days. Mr. Burke has informed me of the Subject on which he has Now Wrote you, which I hope will meet with your Approbation. Georgia Must, I think, in a few years be one of the Richest States in the Union, and Where, I’ve no doubt, you may live happy and Secure a lasting and Valuable Estate for your Self & family, and, indeed, I can assure you that no person can wish more Earnestly for its turning out so than your friend, the Judge.

I received a letter of the 11th Instant from Mr. Andrew Armstrong, desiring I would furnish you or him with an Account of the sums Advanced by me to the Gent., Prisoners of War, from your State Whilst Confined in Charles Town; have, therefore, inclosed it in this Letter, and must Assure you I was deprived of a great pleasure by your not accepting of any Money yourself, Yet am Satisfied you did not doubt of my Willingness in Attending to anything in that, or any other way, which you might Want, Who am, with best Compliments to Mrs. Burke, altho I’ve not the pleasure of being known to her.

Dear Sir, very respectfully,
Your Mo. Ob. Hble. Servt.,