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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Guy Carleton, Baron Dorchester to Robert R. Livingston
Dorchester, Guy Carleton, Baron, 1724-1808
May 31, 1783
Volume 16, Pages 825-826

New York, 31st May, 1783.

No. 3.

I have received your letter of the 12th Instant conveying certified Copies of various testimonies relative to the detention and loss of the Schooner Endeavour, flag of Truce, in the harbour of Charlestown. There can be no doubt Sir, but the honor of all parties are engaged

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in the protection of flags, and that all sides are as much concerned to give as to demand reparation, on occasion of any violation whatever. But the circumstances of the transaction complained of are, at present out of my power to ascertain, as none of the persons concerned in the transaction & from whom the necessary explanations might be required are now here. Nothing then remains for me but to transmit your Letter together with all the papers it conveyed, to England, where no doubt, the proper discussion will be immediately made, and such decision taken as the nature of the case will require.

I shall also furnish rear Admiral Digby (as the case concerns the naval line) with a Copy of those papers, that he may be able on his part to take such steps as he may judge necessary.

I am Sir,
Your Most Obt. Servt.,
Robt. R. Livingston, Esquire.