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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Johnson to Richard Bennehan
Johnson, Charles, d. 1802
May 05, 1783
Volume 16, Pages 960-961


Hillsborough, 5th May, 1783.

Dr. Sir:

I rec’d your favour by Sheffield, & am much obliged by it. There are no public bills of consequence yet passed. That for opening the land office for the redemption of Specie Certificates has gone

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through two readings and I believe will pass. The price now fixed in the bill & which I think will not be altered is £10 per 100 Acres. The assessment law with some small alteration from that of last year is on its passage. And the distress of the Army have at last induced the grand Committeee as it is called to adopt the disagreeable measure of Emitting a paper Currency not to exceed £80,000 some say £60,000 for their relief. A Bill is also to be brought in for a tax payable in Specie certificates at full value in the hands of the original holders but at a discount in the hands of others. A Bill for regulating the finances is also preparing. Upon this principle that the present and future years I mean the accounts are to be kept separate from the past least they be involved in the like confusion. God knows when we shall break up, for new Bills & Business is daily and hourly Intruding upon us. With Compliments to Mrs. Benningham I am,

Dr Sir Your most Obt