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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to John Sevier
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
February 11, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 14-15

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Danbury, February 11th, 1784.


I am distressed with the repeated complaints of the Indians, respecting the daily intrusion of our people on their Lands beyond French Broad River. I beg you Sir, to prevent the injuries these Savages justly complain of, who are constantly imploring protection of the State, and appealing to its Justice in vain.

By interposing your influence on these our unruly Citizens I think will have sufficient weight without going into extremities disgraceful to them and disagreeable to the State. You will therefore please to warn these intruders off the Lands reserved for the Indians by the late Act of the Assembly, that they remove immediately, at least

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by the middle of March, otherwise they will be drove off. If you find them still refractory at the above time, you will draw forth a Body of your Militia on Horseback, and pull down their Cabbins, & drive them off laying aside every consideration of their entreaties to the Contrary. You will please to give me the earliest information of your proceedings.

The Indian Goods are not yet arrived from Philadelphia, through the inclemency of the late Season. As soon as they will be in the State, I shall send them to the great Island & hold a Treaty with the Cherokees.

I am Sir, &c.,