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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from François, Marquis de Barbé-Marbois to Richard Caswell
Barbé-Marbois, François, marquis de, 1745-1837
April 16, 1785
Volume 17, Page 439

-------------------- page 439 --------------------
[From Gov. Caswell's Letter Book.]

April 16th, 1785.


I have been informed by Mr. Petry of your election as a Governor of the State of North Carolina. I am happy in congratulating the State and your Excellency upon this appointment as they will enjoy the benefit of your ability and you shall have farther opportunities of exhibiting your patriotism, and your attachment to the independence, and the confederation.

I beg leave to remind you of the Debt due by the State of No. Carolina, to the Colony of Martinico. I am surprised for I have observed as we consider the accounts of some treasures—And the Governor of your State having agreed them produce—I shall be sure here to the amount of the debt. I shall be much obliged to you, Sir, if you'l be so kind as to give as soon as possible directions accordingly.

I am with great respect Sir, Your Excellency's very humbl. ob. servt.,