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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Ebenezer Jackson to Richard Caswell
Jackson, Ebenezer
June 14, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 470-471

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Office of Army Accounts, New Bern, N. C., June 14th, 1785.


The following is a statement of the settlement that I have made with the Commissioned and non-Commissioned Officers and private Soldiers of the Continental line of this State, viz: The balance of sundry individual accounts, the commutation of those officers who retired from service, under the Resolve of Congress of the 21st October, 1780. Also the General and Staff of the line, in 75 Certificates numbered from 89,351 to 89,425 inclusive amounting to 48,493,65-90 Dollars.

The balance of pay for the non-commissioned and privates of the North Carolina line for the year 1782, in 1312 Certificates numbered from 89,501 to 90,812 inclusive amounting to 55,155,14-90 Dollars.

The balance of the pay for the non-commissioned officers and privates of the North Carolina line, for the year 1783, in 649 Certificates numbered from 90,813 to 91,461 inclusive amounting to 44,907 14-90 Dollars.

The balance of Gratuity allowed each non-commissioned Officer and private Soldier who enlisted for, and continued in service to the end of the war (80 dollars per man), in 120 certificates numbered from 91,462 to 91,571 inclusive, amounting to 8,800 Dollars.

The balance for pay for the-commissioned Officers of the North Carolina line for the years 1782 and 1783, in 118 Certificates,

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numbered from 91,572 to 91,606, inclusive, and from 91,856 to 91,938, inclusive, amounting to 33,844 11-90 Dollars.

The balance of Commutation for the Commissioned Officers of the North Carolina line, pursuant to a resolution of Congress of March 22nd 1783, in 249 Certificates numbered from 91,607 to 91,855, inclusive, amounting to 195,600 Dollars.

Total amount of Certificates issued,
Total amount of Dollars issued,

There is still due the line in Specie upwards of 30,000 Dollars which will be paid as soon as there is sufficient sum in the Continental Treasury.

I have delivered all the Certificates to Major Robert Fenner, Agent for the line, except a few Individuals who settled their own accounts.

The Agent, as I conceive, is amenable to the Executive of the State alone, for the faithful performance of his duty. For in the receipt given by him, he promises immediately to deliver all the Certificates to the respective Individuals, or lodge them where the Supreme Executive of the State of North Carolina shall direct.

I am with the greatest respect,
Your Excellency's mo. ob. servt,
Ass. Com. Army accounts.