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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Read to Richard Caswell
Read, James
July 19, 1785
Volume 17, Page 483

-------------------- page 483 --------------------
[From Eexecutive Letter Book.]

Wilmington, July 19th, 1785.


I am honored with your Excellency's letter of the 17th Inst. I expect to be possessed of about four hundred pounds by the latter end of next week at which time I intend setting off for Hillsboro, to settle with the Treasurer; if that Sum will be of any service to you, if you will be pleased to draw a warrant on me it shall be paid. I shall wait till Monday week, at which time if I do not hear from you I shall take the money with me. I have enquired about a bill on Charleston, a Gentlemen told me he would be able to draw for about five hundred Pounds sterling, at ninety days sight. He said he would inform me more particularly in two or three days, of which I shall inform your Excellency by Post. I believe bills will be the best remittance to Charleston, as there is no produce except shingles that will pay a freight at present, and they are rather bulky to remit to any considerable amount. I hope in two months I shall be able to answer near a thousand Pounds—but of this I am a little apprehensive, as the Merchants here have experienced the difficulty of procuring money to pay duties. They have and are endeavoring to get warrants and Assembly Certificates for that purpose. I have received of both a considerable amount. However if you will let me know what Sum you will want, if it is possible I will procure it, and acquaint you of the best mode of remittance. I am sorry your Excellency should think it necessary to apologize for giving me trouble, as you are pleased to term it. Be assured I shall be happy in doing anything in my power to oblige you.

I am with great respect your Excellency's
mo. ob. humbl. Servt.,