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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Memucan Hunt to Richard Caswell
Hunt, Memucan, 1729-1808
July 27, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 493-494

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Treasury Office, Hillsboro,
27th July, 1785.

Dear Sir:

Your favor of the 24th Inst. by Capt. White I have this day received, together with the warrant in favor of your private Secretary, which is at Mr. White's credit.

The Treasury is constantly kept nearly clear of money, and when any small sum is received, it is soon called for by persons who have previously lodged their warrants, &c., here. Therefore I find it out of my power to advance any considerable Sum, should you draw on the Treasury; but to enable you to comply with your promise I have drawn Letters of advice to the different Collectors of the Impost, from whom I hope you will be able to receive what you stand immediately in need of and should you fail there, I wish you to draw Money from any Sheriff, or other person indebted to the State, for it appears to me that most of those debtors delay doing justice to the public for their own private advantage, and when any money is received here, it is generally so mangled that it can never be sent out again. Of this sort is almost every Bill now in the office.

I happened to be able to take up your warrant, drawn in favour of John Hunt, as soon as it was presented. It is now almost a month

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since I heard anything from him. He was then endeavoring to exchange his money for tobacco, or hard money. I hope this has been effected, and that before now, he has got the printing business in some forwardness.

I am dear Sir, your mo. ob. humb. Servt.,