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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolutions by the Massachusetts General Court concerning the laws of other states
Massachusetts. General Court
June 15, 1785 - June 18, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 508-509

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
In Senate 15th June, 1785.

Whereas, regular information to the Delegates representing this Commonwealth in Congress, is of great importance, and in some instances absolutely necessary.

Resolved, that his Excellency the Governor, with the advice of Council, be and he hereby is impowered and requested to make such communication to the said Delegates for the time being, as he may think necessary or expedient, and to take measures that they may be furnished with the Acts and Resolves of the General Court for their information and Government.

And whereas, it may be equally expedient in many cases that the Acts and Resolves of the Legislatures of the several States in the Union should be made known to each other in order that a uniformity of measures may thereby be produced.

It is further Resolved, that his Excellency the Governor, He impowered and desired to transmit to the Exective authority of the respective United States, such Acts and doings, of this Commonwealth, as his Excellency may from time to time judge it necessary,

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they should respectively be made acquainted with and to request of them similar Communication.

Sent down for Concurrence.

SAML. PHILLIPS, Junr., Presdt.

In the House of Representatives.
June 18th, 1785.

Read and Concurred with.

Nath. Gorham, Speakr.
Approved: James Bowdoin.

True Copy.


W. Harrie, Dy. Secy.