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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Arnoldus Vanderhorst to William Blount
Vanderhorst, Arnoldus, 1748-1815
November 05, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 558-559

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charleston, Nov. 5th, 1785.

Dear Sir:

I wrote you early in last month by Colo. Hammond to Augusta informing you that Colo. Thomson and myself were in treaty for

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Waggons to carry up the goods to the Cherokee treaty which was the only chance I had of procuring them, and after waiting in anxious and hourly expectation from the 1st Inst., I have this moment received a letter from him saying he had done every thing in his power but could not procure the Waggons Necessary, and did not think they could be procured before Christmas. Being uneasy about the waggons not coming by the 1st Instant, the time appointed for their being in Town, on the third I wrote to Colo. Thomson that if the Waggons could be got to go all the way if we could get the goods to Ninety-six by the 15th Instant it would do, as Waggons could be got there to carry them to the Treaty to which I have as yet received no answer, and I have employed a Man to watch the coming in of the Waggons and try and procure the Number (five) which will be wanted, but fear it will be a fruitless attempt. I am sensible your disappointment will be great, but I assure you my dear sir everything in my power has been done, and you cannot lament the miscarriage more than I do.

Yours, &c.,