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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Moultrie to Nisbet Balfour
Moultrie, William, 1730-1805
March 21, 1781
Volume 17, Pages 1038-1039

(Reprinted from Moultrie's Memoirs, Vol. 2, pages 193 and 194.)

March 21st, 1781.


You cannot possibly be more tired with reading my letters than I am of writing them; yet I must intrude upon your multiplicity of business, and remonstrate against every violation of the capitulation,

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and represent every grievance which occurs to us, whether they are attended to or not.

What I am now to remonstrate against, is a most violent and inhuman breach of the capitulation; which is the impressing the American soldiers from on board the prison ships, taking them away by violence, and sending them on board the transports, to be carried from the continent of America; many of them leaving wives and young children, who may possibly perish for want of the common necessaries of life; if I cannot prevail upon you to countermand this violation altogether, let me plead for those unhappy ones who have families to be exempted from this cruelty. I beg you will consider their situation and suffer your humanity to be partial in their favor.

I am &c.,