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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum concerning North Carolina troops
No Author
Volume 17, Pages 1047-1048

[Old book in 3d Auditor's Office, Washington, D. C., Page 39.]

“It appears by the derangement that took place the 1st January, 1781, that Lt. Col. Davidson was one of the retiring officers. He left Camp two or three months before Jan. 1, 1781, as the other retiring officers did; he was immediately made a Brigadier General in the State Militia, and was killed in action.

“If it appears that Col. Davidson retired under the Resolve of

-------------------- page 1048 --------------------
Oct. 3d and 21st, 1780, he is and must be entitled to the commutation,” &c.

[Ibid., Page 38.]

“Capt. T. Kingsbury, Capt. Lt. Philip Jones, and Lieut. John Vance, of the North Carolina or Independent Co. of Artillery were taken at the siege of Charleston, in the year 1780, and not exchanged until some time in 1782.

All the separate Corps of the Army were deranged by the Resolve of October 3d and 21st, 1780, which must include these officers.”

(See also Journal of Congress, Vol. III, p. 532 and p. 538, Resolves of Oct. 3d and 21st, 1780, which explain the “derangement” of Jan. 1, 1781. N. C. to furnish four Regiments.)