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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
List of North Carolina and South Carolina militia prisoners of war
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May 18, 1781
Volume 17, Pages 1044-1046

Forbay Prison Ship, Charles Town, Harbour, 18th May, 1781.
Roll of the Militia Prisoners on board said Ship:
Axson, Williams, Junr.,
Ash, Samuel,
Arthur, George,
Anthony, John,
Atmore, Ralph,
Barnwell, John, Major,
Baddily, John, Do.,
Barnwell, Edward, Capt.,
Bonnethean, Peter, Capt., Lt.,
Bembridge, Henry,
Black, John, Lieut.,
Branford, William,
Ball, Joseph,
Barnwell, Robert,
Blumdell, Nath'l,
Bricken, James,
Bailey, Francis,
Basqum, William,
Clarke, Jonathan,
Cockran, Thomas,
Cooke, Thomas,
Calhoone, John, (protection)
Cray, Jos., Capt. 16 Aug., '80,
Conyers, Norwood,
Cox, James,
Commius, Richard,
Cohen, Jacobs,
Dewar, Robert,
Dessaussure, William,
Dorsius, John,
Dunlap, Joseph,
Edmunds, Rever,
Eveliegh, Thomas,
Edwards, John, Junr.,
Edwards, John Warren,
Elliott, Thomas, Senr.,
-------------------- page 1045 --------------------
Elliott, Joseph, Junr.,
Evans, John,
Eberly, John,
Ezan, John, (protection),
Elliott, William,
Guerard, Benjamin,
Gibbons, John,
Grayson, Thomas,
Guerard, Peter,
Graves, William,
Geir, Christian,
Gadsden, Phillip,
Graves, John,
Glover, Joseph,
Grott, Francis,
George, Mitchel,
Harvey, Wm., Lieut.,
Henry, Jacobs,
Holmes, William,
Hamilton, David,
Hughes, Thomas,
Holmes, John B.,
Heward, James,
Harris, Thomas,
Hornby, William,
Jones, George,
Jacobs, Daniel,
Kent, Charles,
Kain, John,
Lockhart, S., Capt. 16 Aug. '80,
Libby, Nathaniel,
Liston, Thomas,
Lee, Stephen, Lieut.,
Legare, Thomas,
Lessesne, John,
Legbert, Henry,
Meyers, Phillip,
Michl, John,
Minott, John, Senr.,
Moncrieff, John,
Magdalen, Charles,
Minott, John, Junr., (Protection, 61 years of age does Miller Samuel, not mean to be exchanged.)
Moore, St'n, Col. 16 Aug, '80,
Murphy, William,
Monks, George,
Morgan, Jonathan,
Moss, George, Doct.,
Marriett, Abraham,
Miller, Solomon, Lieut.,
Neufville, John, Jun.,
Neufville, William,
Owen, John,
Prioleau, Samuel, Senr.,
Prioleau, Phillips,
Pinkney, Charles, Junr.,
Pogas, James,
Palmer, Job,
Robinson, Joseph,
Revin, Thomas,
Rhodes, Daniel,
Righton, Joseph,
Scott, John, Senr.,
Snelling, William,
Stephenson, John, Junr.,
Stephens, Daniel,
Snyder, Paul,
Smith, Samuel,
Seavers, Abraham,
Singleton, Rippily,
Scotton, Samuel,
-------------------- page 1046 --------------------
Sayle, William,
Shrewsbury, Stephen,
Tousiger, James,
Tandirs, John,
Tayloe, Paul,
White, Sime., Lieut.,
Wigg, William,
Williams, James,
Warham, Charles, Adj't.,
Waring, Thomas, Sen'r,
Waring, Richard,
White, Isaac,
Welch, George,
Wheeler, Benjamin,
Waties, John, Jun'r,
Wilcocks, William,
Warham, David,
Wilkie, William,
You, Thomas,
Yeadon, Richard,

[Note.—These were doubtless prisoners mostly of the battle of Camden, Aug., 1780. Those of the two States cannot be separated, but the list is of interest in itself.—Ed.]