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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolutions by the Delaware General Assembly concerning the appointment of commissioners to examine trade
Delaware. General Assembly
June 15, 1786 - June 23, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 654-655

[From Executive Letter Book.]

State of Delaware,
In the House of Assembly, June 15, 1786.

Whereas, Official Information has been received, that the States of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia have passed Resolutions appointing certain Persons therein Named as Commissioners, on the part of those States, to meet such Commissioners as may be appointed by the other States in the Union for the purpose of taking into Consideration the trade of the United States, and to report such an Act relative thereto as will best promote the Interest of the United States, and this State being willing to co-operate with them in so laudable and useful a measure.

Resolved, That the Honorable George Read, Esquire, Jacob Broom, Esqr., Jno. Dickenson, Esquire, Richard Bassett, and the Honbl. Gunning Bedford, Esquire, be and they are hereby appointed Commissioners on the part of this State, who or any three of them may Act, to meet such other Commissioners, as may have been, or shall be appointed by the other States at Annapolis on the first Monday in September next, for the purpose of Considering the Trade of the United States, to examine the relative Situations and Trade of the said States; to Consider how far an uniform System in their Commercial Regulations may be Necessary to their common Interest and permanent Harmony, and to report to the United States in Congress Assembled such an Act relative to this great Object, as when agreed to by them and Confirmed by the Legislature of every State will enable the United States in Congress Assembled effectually to provide for the same.

Resolved, That His Excellency, the President, be requested to give Notice to the Supreme Executives of the Several States in the

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Union, of the concurrence of this State in the Measures proposed by the States of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, for the purposes aforesaid.

Sent for Concurrence. In Council, June 23d, 1786.

Read, Considered and agreed to.


Extract from the Minutes.

Jas. Booth, Clk. of the Assembly.