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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Haywood to Richard Caswell
Haywood, John, 1762-1826
June 25, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 663-664

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax, 25th June, 1786.


As the troubles in the Western Country are not likely to subside in any short time. I have conceived a wish of going to Georgia and exploring the interior parts of that Country when I can do it

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with safety, and if business offers more valuable than any I can follow in this State of engaging in it. To the promotion of this design and the more ready introduction to business if I should like the Country, an intimation of your Excellency that I have been found capable of some kind of business here, will very much Contribute, If therefore Consistent with the Modesty I ought to observe may I venture to ask a letter of that kind. The receipt of such an one by the bearer will be always remembered with great gratitude by me, but if on the other hand your Excellency shall be of opinion that the infinite honor done me by the Assembly of appointing me to a judicial post in the Western Country requires that I should risk my life through hostile Savages to execute their Commission, be so good as to send me an Oyer and Terminier Commission, and at the peril of my life, I will attempt the exercise of my very exalted Office.

I have the Honor to be Sir,
With sentiments of the highest esteem,
Your devoted Servant,