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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Armstrong to Jethro Sumner
Armstrong, John, 1717-1795
November 25, 1781
Volume 19, Pages 884-885


Camp Colo. Thompson’s, Nov. 25th, 1781.

Dear General:

I herewith send you the Monthly return of the Brigade. I received

-------------------- page 885 --------------------
your Letter giving an account of the fall of Lord Cornwallis. It was the first exact account of particulars that came to Camp.

We came to this place the 22nd Instant and now we are waiting every hour to hear the General beat, we approach in the same manner we did before the Battle of the Eutaw. The enemy are bearing down, some are of the opinion they will not fight; I would not wish for such an expensive meeting as we had before.

Col. Morgan (?) & Col. Shelby surprised a Post of the Enemy near Monk’s Corner, killed some, took a Subaltern, 3 Doctors & 82 privates, & large quantity of Hospital Stores, which they were obliged to Destroy.

The Commandant in Town discharged upwards of 400 Tories that would not list with him; on their way home, as usual, they began to plunder at a place called Cyprus Swamp, a Complaint came to the Comd. near Nellson Ferry, who detached a party of Horse after them, or rather to Head them, & as God would have it they met. They killed ten and wounded a good many more and dispersed the whole, after taking from them what they thought proper, a few days before the Tories being paid off in goods.

Col. Twiggs has defeated Brown and his party in Georgia.

Col. Lee has arrived from Virginia & is appointed to command all the Cavalry in the Southern Department. I have nothing more particular to mention. We are out of Rum and Sugar. Very anxicus to hear of Doherty’s success with the Hon. Assembly.

Please present my compliments to the Governor, my old Colonel, who I much Esteem.

I am with much Esteem, Yours, &c.,