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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter to Alexander Martin
No Author
December 14, 1781
Volume 19, Page 890

-------------------- page 890 --------------------

Warren Co., Dec. 14th, 81.

Dear Sir:

I recd. yr. very obliging letter by fav. of Tilman Dixon, you have my hearty concurrence for such of the Officers of the Continental Line of this State, who have just now no command fixed, entering in the State Regiment, for (          ). Capt. Dixon, a (          ) in Camp. Lt. Marshal being of the first Regiment, also takes command, there is some few who acts in the Staff, Commy. of Stores to the Brig., &c., and such as are assigned to districts, for the purpose of receiving drafts, delinquents & apprehending of deserters, cannot be allowed to leave their several appointments & stations Ordered.

I am Sir, very desirous to see you on my Way to meet ye Council, should it not be convenient to call on me, I will do my best.