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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Pardon from Thomas Burke for Meredith Edwards et al.
Burke, Thomas, ca. 1747-1783
Volume 19, Pages 914-915


By Virtue of the Powers and Authorities in me vested I do by these Presents Reprieve until the first day of April, which shall be in the year one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty three, the following persons who were convicted and Sentenced to die at the Last Sessions of Over and Terminer and general Gaol delivery held for the District of Hillsborough at Hillsborough, that is to say: Meredith Edwards and Thomas Estridge for high treason; William Duke and Thomas Hunt for Felony, on condition that they shall severally and respectively on or before the first day of March, next, enlist as Soldiers into the Line of the said State in the Federal Army for one year to Commence from the said first day of March; and I do further by these presents declare that the said Meredith Edwards, Thomas Estridge, William Duke and Thomas Hunt shall respectively be deemed fully and absolutely pardoned for the offenses aforesaid after the aforesaid first day of April, provided that they respectively produce to the governor or commander-in-chief for the time being, or one of the Judges of the Superior Courts, Certificates from the Commander-in-Chief, or the adjutant General of the Southern Army or of the Land forces of the United States, of the due and faithful performs of the terms of Inlistment.

Provided always, and it is hereby declared that if any of the said men Shall desert from the service of the United States, or be found from the Army except by permission or Command of an Officer duly authorised to give such permission or Command, this reprieve shall be null and void to all Intents and purposes, as respecting such

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as shall desert or be found as aforesaid, and the Sentence shall in such Cases be in full force.

Given under my hand, &c.