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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Allen J. Davie to Archibald D. Murphey
Davie, Allen J.
November 17, 1826
Volume 19, Page 997


17th November, 1826.

A. D. Murphey, Esq.:


It would give me great pleasure to accompany you to the South if my affairs would permit me to be absent, at this time it would be a sacrifice that I could not bear and which you would not wish me to encounter. This Summer has been spent by me in building a large Brewery which is now ready to go into operation and will therefore require my personal attention during the whole winter.

My brother will be glad to see you and will cheerfully afford you every aid in examining my father’s papers. His letters from ’84 to his leaving this State would afford you much light on the history of that period; that is at William’s likewise a large number of letters all filed labeled and dated.

I have now here the only good likeness of my Father, it is exactly such a painting as the engraver would use and shall be sent to Merryoak at any time you may direct.

Much of the Memoirs of my Father’s life is now compiled and before its publication should be glad to have it revised by you. When I wrote you on that subject and you did not answer my old Friend, the Treasurer, persuaded me to undertake the task; something is done, much remains to be done; as the likeness is to be engraved for the Memoirs would it not save expence to have it of such size as to suit the History? What papers I have are likewise at your service.

I remain, Dear Sir, respectfully yours,