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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James White to James Hogg
White, James, 1749-1809
November 17, 1787
Volume 20, Pages 790-791


New York, 17th, 1787.


I applyed to the Secretary of Congress respecting Mr. Burke’s attendance, according to your request. He referred me to the journals, & indeed, turned to them himself as being familiar in the different

-------------------- page 791 --------------------
passages therein. He marked the dates on a bit of paper & I have sent it to you as he wrote it. I mentioned a certificate thereof, in form, to him, but he declined it, alleging the evidence of the printed journal was sufficient.

Any further commands you may have while I am here, I shall with much pleasure attend to.

By way of news, it is said the Prussians are likely to meet with some work in reinstating the stadholder, as a body of French troops are on their way to support the patriotic party.

If it is anywise interesting to you to hear, we expect a French minister will be added to the Consul of that nation; accordingly a count de Motier will shortly come over.

I am with much esteem, &c.,