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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Samuel Johnston
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
March 31, 1788
Volume 21, Page 461


Newington, March 31st, 1788.

Dear Sir:

I had the honor to receive your Letter of the 28th Ulto. two days ago, on the subject of the debt due from this State to the Government of Martinique.

This business respecting the payments began in Governor Martin’s Administration, who had put into the hands of Messrs. John G. and Thomas Blount a sum of Money, say £1,200, for the purpose of purchasing Naval Stores to remit to Philadelphia in order to make part of the payment since which, application was made to me by that House and Warrants issued on the Treasury in April, 1786, for £1,300, which I apprehended would be sufficient to discharge the Ballance.

In the course of my administration I had several applications from the Consul of France & as often wrote to Messrs. Blount regarding the Remittance and from the assurances of these Gentlemen I had flattered myself the Ballance had been long since discharged, but I cannot take upon me to say that it is. Mr. John G. Blount no doubt will give the fullest information.

I have the honor to be, &c., &c.,