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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Talk by Samuel Johnston to the Cherokee Nation
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
July 29, 1788
Volume 21, Page 487

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsboro, 29th July, 1788.

Brothers & Warriors:

General Martin and some other of our Warriors on the Western Waters, have informed me & the Council of State, that some of our people have been killed either by the Creeks or your people on the Western Waters, and they without any orders from us or any of the Head men or Warriors of this State have killed some of your people in a manner which we do not approve of. We have ordered General Martin, our Head Warrior, on the Western Waters, to hold a Talk with you and to hear what complaints you have against any of our people, and if any of them have injured you without sufficient cause to take them up and send them to us that they may receive Correction & punishment & do desire you to take measures with your people to prevent them from killing & Robbing the White People on the Western Waters and to assure you that it is our desire that your people and ours should live together like Brothers and bring up our children together like sentiments of Friendship & Amity.

If any of our people should at any time do you any injury let Genl. Martin know it, and I will give orders to punish them & give you satisfaction, and you on your part must take care to do us the same justice when he makes any complaints to you that by this means we may live in Amity as Long as the Sun & Moon last.