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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hugh Williamson to Samuel Johnston
Williamson, Hugh, 1735-1819
September 01, 1788
Volume 21, Pages 494-495

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New York, 1st Sept., 1788.


The Delegates to represent the State in Congress from the first Monday in November next were chosen, I think, in the following order: White, Ashe, Hawkins, Stokes, Williamson, McDowell. The first three mentioned have the option by a general order of serving

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first, but I presume that Mr. Ashe has resigned and it is said not to be probable that Mr. Stokes will come to Congress on the next Winter. I am not informed whether Mr. Hawkins proposed to come, but you are probably informed by this time whether any three of the four Gentlemen first named propose to attend in Congress from the first of November next. If they have not given you notice of intention, it will become my duty to attend and being determined punctually to perform every service that I owe the State, I propose to hold myself in readiness to attend in Congress Accordingly. You will, therefore, be pleased to issue Warrants in my favor for the next six months’ salary as Delegate in Congress. If you are so good as put the Warrants into the hands of Mr. Collins, he will negotiate them for my accounts.

By looking over the public journal, you will observe that many things continue to engross the Attention of Congress which are of considerable National Importance.

Questions which respect old claims against the public and the calling delinquents to account and lowering the National Debts. Whether North Carolina shall be confederated or not, she is equally interested with other States in those measures. With whatever fidelity or Abilities I may serve the State the Journals will show that I do not eat the Bread of Idleness.

I have the honor, &c., &c.,
Govr. Johnston.