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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Abishai Thomas to Samuel Johnston
Thomas, Abishai
March 23, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 539-540

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsborough, 23rd March, 1789.


I am honored with your Excellency’s Letter of the 14th and shall with all possible dispatch proceed to execute the orders therein contained.

The Comptroller has been very Industrious in stating the Accounts of this State against the United States since the departure of Mr. Winder & hath this morning informed me that he will have the whole in readiness by the 20th of next month. I am of opinion it may be accomplished sooner with such assistance as I shall now be able to afford him, and which shall not be wanting on my part. I

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suppose it will be more expedient for me to remain until the whole of the accounts are in readiness, than to leave any of them behind, as there may be considerable risque in forwarding them by a Casual conveyance. There will be a small Cart load of those papers which I shall have forwarded to Halifax prior to the rising of the Superior Court at that place, where I am informed your Excellency will be and where I hope to receive your Excellency’s Instructions relative to the mode of conveyance to New York.

I presume it will not be necessary to saddle the State with the Expence of an Express to obtain Warrants for my Salary, as I trust the Treasurer when he arrives at this place will advance to the amount on seeing your Excellency’s Letter and having my assurance that the Warrants will be delivered to him at Halifax. He is expected here in all this week, and if he cannot with propriety advance, I shall be compelled to send an Express as I cannot move myself or the papers out of the State, until I negotiate some of the paper Money for Specie; Exclusive of my Salary a sum of Money will be necessary to forward the papers, of which I can as yet form no estimate, but trust when I shall see your Excellency, a pretty accurate calculation may be made. In the meantime should it be perfectly convenient to your Excellency to make yourself acquainted with the rates of transportation, by the stages, it will enable us to form our calculation to a degree of precision which will otherwise be impracticable, as I am so far out of the line I have no information on the subject. I trust & hope your Excellency will also think it advisable to grant me a further sum for services & expences prior to going on to New York, as about five Months will elapse from the time of my commencing this business until that period.

I have the honor, &c.,