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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Drumgool to Samuel Johnston
Drumgool, Alexander
April 04, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 542-543

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Seneka, Keewee River,
April 4th, 1789.


After a long and tedious journey of three Months I got home to this place. I delivered all your Letters delivered by me to the Cherokees and Chickamaugas, and explained everything as fully to them respecting the Intentions of the State of North Carolina as lay in my power. I then went to the Creek Nation to deliver your Letter to Mr. Alexander McGillivray, but he had just been two days gone to Pensacola, and was not to be at home in less than a month or upwards, he knowing my intention of coming there, left word with Mr.

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Daniel McGillivray to receive the Letters, and informed me that no answers could be returned in full to my letters till he could collect the Chiefs of the Nation together to consult on matters, and they being out in the Woods hunting he thought they could not be collected till near the first of May, in consequence of which I thought the most proper steps I could take would be to return and make a report of the Talk received from the Lower Cherokees or Chickamaugas. I make no doubt but that you received my letter I wrote you from Estilnally, in which I enclosed your Excellency a Copy of the Talk held at Coseewatee. I left a Letter for Mr. McGillevray in which I informed him I would expect him to return an answer to your letter as soon as possible, enclosed to me at Senekaa, which I make no doubt but that he will; which if he does, I will send as quick as possible to you. I have enclosed you the Talks of the Cherokees and Chickamaugas and they seem inclined to peace by what I can see, which you will see by their Talks to you.

I have also inclosed you an information of Anthony Foremans Respecting Sevier.

I am, &c.,