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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Abishai Thomas to Samuel Johnston
Thomas, Abishai
May 04, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 553-554

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton, 4th May, 1789.


Pursuant to your Excellency’s instructions of the 14th March, I have received from the Comptroller all the Accounts and Vouchers for Claims of this State against the United States which were left in his hands by Mr. Winder. This business was completed on the 24th Ulto when I proceeded with the Papers to Halifax; they are contained in two large Chests, weigh 500 lb. and are of the Nature and amount as by the enclosed, together with the Comptroller’s report to your Excellency will appear. I am now to solicit your Excellency’s instructions relative to the mode of transportation at New York and for a sum of Money to enable me to carry such instructions into effect; if it is determined they shall go by Land the Sum of £150

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from the best information I can obtain will not be more than sufficient. I have consulted a Mr. Johnston, Owner of a Stage at Halifax, who would not undertake to carry them over to Philadelphia under £100 Specie. I also consulted Col. Long who appears to be of opinion that they might be transported for less, and I am of opinion he would undertake it, however he did not come to any final determination, so that it remains for your Excellency to determine whether a smaller sum than I have requested will suffice. If it should be determined to transport them by Water I shall attend them, as I also should by Land and as to the risque of this mode your Excellency is better acquainted with it than I can possibly be. The expence will be trifling.

I have received from the Secretary’s Office 378 transcripts of Resolves of our late provincial Congress, Councils of Safety, Councils of State, &c., and 25 transcripts of Laws and Ordinances of Congress which I suggested might be necessary to support some of our Claims. These are all properly certified by Col. Glasgow with the great Seal of the State annexed. It only remains therefore for your Excellency to make them authentic by a Certificate that Col. Glasgow is Secretary of State, &c. It was not in my power to obtain a printed collection of those Resolves, Laws, &c., as suggested to me by your Excellency, for even in the Secretary’s Office the Collection is not compleated, and I am at this time in want of sundry Laws and proceedings of Councils which I hope however in part to remedy at this place.

I am next to solicit your Excellency to grant me a supply of Money for Account of my Services prior to Setting out to New York, for which I am to account with a future Assembly on the same terms as for the Sum granted me in December last, and when your Excellency reflects that five Months have elapsed since I commenced this Business, that nearly another Month will expire before I can finally clear out, and that my stated Salary cannot commence until that period, I flatter myself I shall not be deemed unreasonable in Soliciting the sum of £150 to be granted for this service in addition to the first Sum.

I have the honor, &c.,