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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Declaration by Wyatt Ballard concerning his military service in the Revolutionary War
Ballard, Wyatt
Volume 22, Page 111

-------------------- page 111 --------------------

Towit: That he, the said Wyatt Ballard, did, in the month of February, in the year 1781, at the town of Warrenton, in the County of Warren, in the State of North Carolina, enter into the regular army of the United States as a regular soldier in the company of Captain Carter for the term of twelve months, said company being a company of the Second North Carolina regiment commanded by Colonel Dixon. But Col. Dixon being absent the greater part of the year this deponent enlisted for the regiment was commanded by Major Armstrong. Said Second regiment was a part of General Sumner’s Brigade, said Brigade being a part of General Green’s command.

This applicant further states he faithfully served the United States as a common soldier in the corps before mentioned against the common enemy the twelve months for which he engaged and until near the last of April in the year 1782, when he was at Bacon’s Bridge in South Carolina discharged by General Green; that his discharge is lost.

The said Wyatt Ballard further swears that he was at the taking of the following forts: at Wright’s Bluff, on the Congaree, at Thompson’s Fort, and one at Friday’s Ferry, and two forts at Augusta, and then in the battle on the 8th of September, 1781, at Eutaw Springs, in which battle he was wounded severely by a musket ball in the right arm which wound be shows.