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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Affidavit of Herndon Haralson concerning Henry Dixon's military service in the Revolutionary War
Haralson, Herndon
May 11, 1840
Volume 22, Pages 120-121

(In the Petition of Heirs of Lt. Col. Henry Dixon.)

Herndon Haralson, then of Haywood Co., Tenn., makes oath, May 11, 1840, “that in the year 1781 when Gen. Greene retreated thro’

-------------------- page 121 --------------------
N. C. into Virginia before Lord Cornwallis, he, this affiant, received a Captain’s Commission, raised a company of volunteers, equipped themselves, and joined the army under the command of the said Colonel Dixon and Gen’l Pickens, and marched against a body of Tories in the neighborhood of Hillsborough, then commanded by Colo. Piles, which they attacked, defeated and cut to pieces on the 21st Feb., 1781—from thence in a few days they fought the battles of Whitesil’s Mill and Guilford Court House.” Haralson also states that Dixon “Marched to the South, where in some action in which he fought he received a wound with a musket or a cannon ball, but in what part of his body he doth not now recollect.”

Note—He was wounded at Eutaw Springs, S. C.--Ed.