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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Certificate from Evan Jones concerning impressment of supplies for the militia from Martin Frank
Jones, Evan
March 22, 1741
Volume 22, Page 269

North Carolina: These are to certify that I, the Subscriber. Did Press in Craven County a Barrel of Pork from Martin Franks for his Majesty’s Service being for acct. of an Expedition, against the Spaniards, likewise gave & Recd to Coll. George Roberts for the Same.

Dated this 22 March, 1741.

Feb. 29, 1742.

The within Claim was allowed to Mr. Martin Franks

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: Although the editors included this document with several others from the 1747-1748 period, it seems to be related to the military expedition to Cartagena in 1740-1741.