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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Will of Thomas Pollock, including related certificates
Pollock, Thomas, 1654-1722
August 08, 1721 - July 20, 1722
Volume 22, Pages 290-297

(Original Will.)

In the Name off God Amen I Thomas Pollock, Senr. off Chowan Precinct in North Carolina Mercht Being off Perfect Memory & Judgmt (Praysed be God ffor ye same) Doe make ys my Last Will & Testament Hereby absolutely Revokeing all others; And this to be Taken only as my Last Will & Testament;

Imprimis: I give and Bequeath my soule to almighty God And my Body to ye Ground to be Decently Buried by my Executors Hereafter-mentioned; And ffor what Estate it hath Pleased God to Bestow upon me I Give & Bequeath as Followeth. Item: As for my Daughter Martha Lately maryed to Mr. Thos. Bray I haveing Given & Delivered to her already Her full Portion Therefor I Hereby Cut Her off from any Part more of my Estate whatsoever Either

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By Pretence of Deeds of Gift or any otherwise whatsoever And more Especially I Hereby Make Null and Void and of None Effect: A Deed of Gift to her Dated in June, 1709, Being to Mr. David Henderson for her use and recorded by Nathaniel Chevin, Esq., in ye Secretary’s Office: Aprill 15, 1712: Being therein a Clause Giveing me Power of Revocation and makeing of it Null, Void & of none Effect by any Writing under my Hand & Seall.

Item: I Give and Bequeath unto my Son Thomas his Heirs & assigns for Ever Fifteen Hundred & Fifty Acres of Land Contained in One Purchas lying on ye South west side of Chowan River Between Mr. Kings & Thos. Daniels Old ffield: The Land Lately Purchased of Thomas Daniel Lying Between the upper side of the forsd. Land & John Rosberrys Lowest Line also ye Land Purchased of James Wilkeson Bounded Between ye said Mr. King and the forsd fifteen Hundred & ffifty acres Also ye Land Lately Purchased of Martin Frederick Rasor; The five back Tracks of Lightwood-Land Between ye forsd Lands & Eastermost Swamp of Salmon Creek The Land where Hirebent Built ye Mill: and also Eight Thousand ffive Hundred on Mill-Creek With fifteen Hundred Acres to be added to ye same; according To a Warrant for Ten Thousand acres from ye Lds Proprietors to wch Now I have ye Right Lying on Mill-Creek in Bath County and also two thousand ffive Hundred & sixty acres in ye ffork of Raquis Called Springfield; All wch Land I Give & Bequeath to my sd son Thomas his Heirs & assigns for Ever. Item. I Give & Bequeath unto my son Cullen his Heirs & assigns ffor Ever Two Thousand and ffive Hundred Acres of Land lying on the South Side of Morattock River Called Canecarora. Also ye six Hundred & fforty acres of Land Joyning to ye sd. Cullens Lapsed Land on Bridges Creek at Weekacanaan. A Tract of Land containing Two thousand Eight Hundred Acres Lying on Cassayah called Rose-field: all ye Land on Moratock Joyning to Where Bowman now Lives; Likewise ye Land Purchased of Richard Rose Joyning to ye Lower-Side of ye Land Last mentioned; and also ye Land On the South side of Moratock-bay Where my Negroes are now Clearing; Also Nine Hundred Acres of Land on News River Fork Called New Bern All wch Land I Give & Bequeath to my sd son Cullen his Heirs & assigns ffor Ever.

Item: I Give & Bequeath unto my Son George his Heirs & assigns ffor Ever The Land Lately Bought of Major Robert West on wch

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I now Live: The Land belonging to me Joyning ye sd Land where I now Live; and ye Land Joining on yt Wch I bought of Cary Godbee; Also a Tract of Land I Lately bought of Thos. West Joyning to Parrots Land. The Land where Samuel Edmunds Lived: Wher John Griffin Lived Neare Bavie Swamp; Where Wilson Lived att Weekacoon-Creek: And wher John Mainard Lived at Pettishore also two thousand-four-hundred acres called Crany Island: Two-thousand two Hundred Acres Lyeing on ye south-side of Neus-River & Westside of Core-Creek; also Seven Hundred and Ten acres Lying on the North side of Trent River Called ye Half-way House. Two Hundred & twenty acres Lyeing on ye East-side of Core-Creek: The Land wher Leonard Loften lived on ye South Shore Three-hundred & sixty acres of Land lying on Boag Sound: Two Hundred and Fifteen acres Lyeing in ye fork of Chester Creek On White-Oake River: One Hundred & fifty acres lying on ye south-side of Neuse River at ye head of Bennys Creek: Also five thousand Acres to be taken up to ye southward of Nuse River by a Warrant from ye Proprietors to wch now I have a Right: also six-hundred & forty Acres on Nuse River Called Wilkesons Point in One Purchased Patent All wch Land I Give & Bequeath to my Son George his Heirs & assigns for Ever.

Item. I give and Bequeath to my son Thomas his Exers. admrs. or assigns. Pompey Molaina, Manewell & Cate, Scepio & Moll, wth ye children Ruth, Joe, & Moll, Abraham & Dina, his wife Notoose-Ceasar his wife, Bess Todg; Scepio & Coylo, Harry, Jack-fiddle, Coffe Jackco, & Joe franks son, Charls & Becke, tottes Daughter All wch Negros or Slaves I Give & Bequeath my son Thomas his Exers. adms. or assigns for Ever.

Item. I Give & Bequeath to my Son Cullen his Exers, admrs. or assigns Diego, Long Mingo, old mingo, Young mingo, Cajo & Venus, Stevens, George, Popa Ceasar Bowman, Jueda, Long-Dick & Bess Little-Dick & Bess, & Debora, Little Bette, West & Ceasar, Cottoes Children, Pattey & Jack, tom’s Children, Sarah & toms Eldest-son next to Jack & Ruth, Hannas Daughter. All wch Negros or Slaves I Give & Bequeath unto my son Cullen his Exrs. admrs. or assigns for Ever.

Item: I Give and Bequeath unto my son George his Exrs. admrs. or assigns, Franke, Sambo Cesar I bought of Gainsbe, Peter, Little-Will, & Caramante Will, Dowe; Sharper & Frank, old tom and

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Naney, London & Bettey, Little tom, Mols son Little Nane, Little Manewell, Nane’s youngest Girle, Venus’s Child, Patience, Dina, Jeneys daughter, Tomboy & Cesar his son and all toteys Children wch she will have hereafter all wch Negroes or Slaves I Give & Bequeath to my Son George his Exrs. admrs. or assigns for Ever.

Item: I give and Bequeath to my son Thomas his Heirs & assigns for Ever Eight-thousand nine-hundred acres of land Lying on ye West side of the Eastermost Branch of Salmon-Creek Reserving free liberty to my son George to make what Pitch and Tar he sees fitting on ye same with his hands for the space of three or four years after My Death.

Item: I Give & Bequeath to my son Cullen one hundred pound to be paid in Boston and also five thousand foot of plank wch I have sent for from Boston.

Item: I give & Bequeath to my son George his Heirs or Assigns for Ever a Tract of Land Lyeing on South-Lancaster formerly belonging to Coll. William Wilkison.

Item: I Give & Bequeath to my son George sixty-pound to be paid in Boston.

Item: I give and Bequeath to my three sons, Viz: Thomas, Cullen & George, all my other Lands, Tenements, Mortgages, Extents, Annuities, annuel Rents, Remainders, Revertions, or any other Heridetements, whatsoever In what part of ye World soever; Whether here in America or Scotland or any other part of ye World whereunto I have any Right Title or Interest. To Be Equally Devided by ym & to be Held in Common & not in Joint-Tenancy.

Item: as to all my other Personall Estate whatsoever not hereabove Bequeathed: of what Kind soever Debts Due to me, Negros, Stocks of Horses, cattle, Hogs, &c., What monay may Be Due to me in New England or any other Place in ye World, Money, Plates, Jewels, Books, Arms, Household-goods; and Every thing else of whatever Kind in Whatever Place or Countery, Properly belonging to me. I Give & Bequeath to my forsd. Three Sons, Thomas, Cullen & George Equally to be Devided among them.

Item: As to the Warrants for fifteen Hundred acres of Land to my son Thomas, & five thousand acres of Land to my son George, if it be Not Layed out and surveyed to them, & Each of them, their Heirs or assigns wth. One year after my Death Then that they have a

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Porpotionable allowance from ye others as to ye Quantity of the Land they Loose; or the full Value thereof as they Can agree.

Item: as to ye crop Now on ye Ground, and what Pitch & Tar ye hands in ye woods makes until ye first of Aprill next shall be Equally Divided amongst my three Sons, Thomas, Cullen & George.

Lastly: I Make, Constitute, & Appoint my three Sons, Thomas Cullen & George, my whole, & sole Executors of this my Last Will & Testament and they to pay all my Lawfull & Just Debts; Especially ten Pound Ten Shillings that I owe to one Joseph Mills of Bermudas Marriner Being Part of Twenty four pounds yt I owe him ye other Thirteen Pound teen Shillings being paid by Captn David Henderson unto one Boas Bell of Bermudas by his order & a Receipts there of given on the Back of my Note to him; also all Charges for ye Building the House at Black-Rock to be paid out of ye Tar & Pitch first made by ye Hands.

Item: To Explain & Make more Clere Son Lamd Willed before to my son Cullen Lying on ye south-side of Morattock-River on both sides Roses Creek thes are to Certify yt it contains Three Thousand five hundred & fifty acres of Land in one Purchase Patent; also ye Land on Casaya River to Contain Two-thousand Eight hundred & tenn acres in a purchased Patent; also ye Land on Moratock Called Canacarora to Contain two thousand five hundred & sixty Acres in one Purchased Patent all wch Land I have given & Doe hereby Give unto my son Cullen his heirs & assigns for Ever.


Signed, Sealed, Published by the sd. Thomas Pollock as his Last Will & Testament in the Presence of us the Subscribers.

John Burnnell,
David Henderson,
Lawrance Sarson,
James Castellaw,

The Two Interlineations set Down in ye margin of this Will was

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acknowledged by the Testator to Be Done Defore the signing Before us the subscribers this Eight Day of August, 1721.

David Henderson,
Lawrance Sarson,
James Castellaw.

North Carolina—Bertie County.
August Court—1753.

This Last Will and Testament of Thomas Pollock, Late President of this Province was proved by the Oath of William Hardy, the only Surviving Evidence thereto which on motion is ordered to be Certified. Copy Pr. Curia.

Samuel Orms, Cl.

Bertie Precinct—Sc.
February Court 1722.

James Castellaw came into Court and produced the above Will being an Evidence to Seven Several places in the sd. Will and made Oath that he Saw the sd. Thos. Pollock Sign & Publish the sd. Will as his last Will and Testamt. and that the several Interlineations in sd. Will was writ at the time of the Signing thereof.

Fr. Forster, Cler Cur.

And whereas, since the publishing of my above written will and Testament I have Expended and Laid out for a house at Black Rock (when Mr. West, the Carpentare is paid what is due to him for his worke ther) for my Son: Thomas Twoe hundred Pound and also Ten Pound more for New England plank makeing in all Twoe hundred and Ten Pound.

And whereas also, I have been out and expended upon a House for my Son Cullen on the South Shore (when Mr. West the Carpentare is paid for what worke he hath done ther (to-wit) the covering the house doeing the Dormant Windows and making upe the Gavell end of the Sd House and when Cullen hath what Glass is in the House that will answer his purposes and what nailes he will have occasion of for the Said House) the Sume of Three hundred Pounds I Reckon (?) and being willing for my Sons all Equall so near as I can Judge Doe Therefore by this Codicil will and bequeath to my Son George (he haveing no House built) besides his Equall Share of

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all the rest of my Moveable Estate Two hundred and eighty Pounds whereof one Hundred pound to be paid in New England and the other one hundred and eighty to be paid out of my moveable and personall estate here wth Twenty Pound that I value the old houses here where I live will make upe the Three hundred Pound equall to my Son Cullens.

Also to make up my Son Thomas Part equall with Cullens I valueing the Houses at Black Rocke at Ten Pound) doe hereby give and bequeath to my Sd Son Thomas Eighty Pound to be paid out of my moveable and Personall estate in this Province.

In my accounting above in this codicil concerning Cullens House standing in Three Hundred Pound I made a mistake in not mentioning That Mr. Coke the Bricklayer wages for making Laying the Bricks in the chimneys Sellar underpining and doeing all the other worke agreed for is part of the Three hundred Pound and is to be paid out of my personall estate. Also he is to have what lands are necessary for him for Burning the Bricks or what other worke he hath occasion for to finish the worke he hath agreed for wherefore my will is that the Bricklayer aforesd be paid out of my personall estate befor Shared.

Also I give and bequeath unto my Son Thomas one Third Part of all the vessels clearances whether it be in money,                bills to New England or Elsewher.

Also I give and Bequeath to my Son Cullen Six Pound to be paid him in the first goods from New England at first cost I owing him so much.

Also I give and bequeath to my Son George Twenty Pound to be paid him in the first goods I have come in from Boston I oweing him so much.

Also Elisebeth Hawkins wife to Thomas Hawkins at the South Shore haveing lived with me about two year after the Expiration of her time of servitude Wherefore I hereby order and appoint my Executors to pay to whomsoever she shall order them to pay by a writting in her hand in whole or in Part (Her husband not to have                therein) Fourty Pound currant money of this


In presence of                I sett my hand and Seal 20 day of July, 1722:


-------------------- page 297 --------------------

Signed, Sealed and delivered ye as my last will and Testament befor the folowing witness

Thomas Newnam,
William Little,

Bertie Precinct—Sc.
February Court 1722

The Revd. Thomas Newnam, Clerk, came into Court and made Oath That he Saw Thomas Pollock Sign the above and acknowledge the same as his last Will and Testament.

F. Forster, Cler Cur.


Colo. Thomas Pollock Will.
Letters Issued 1723.