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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Roster of Lewis Bryan's company of the Craven County Militia
Bryan, Lewis
October 25, 1754
Volume 22, Pages 319-320

A List of the Company of foot from Mr. James Mackilwean’s mill on Maule’s Run and upwards to ye County Line Between Craven and Johnston Counties:
John Halingsworth.
William Duberty.
Jacob Johnson.
Charles Smith.
Garat Johnson.
John Collings.
Will’m Peters.
John Arnul.
Benjamin Sanderson.
Aron Cocks.
Will’m Gorald.
Abraham Peters.
Walter Jones.
Absalom Tuton.
James Gorald.
Anthony Wherrey.
Andrew Johnson.
Jeremiah Honley.
Augusten More.
Jacob Vanpelt.
Abraham Cocks.
John Oatreket.
Banjamin Brown.
Jonas Griffen.
Benjamin Beasley.
Isaac Carter.
Benjamin Cocks.
John Halle.
Benjamin Blount.
John Tannt.
Clement Dyson.
James Harbert.
Charles Holingsworth.
John Griffen.
Caleb Wigens.
Joseph McReal (or McKeal).
Dines Canon.
Joseph Bryan.
David Cumings.
Joseph Durham.
Edward Canon.
John Taylor.
Francis Arnul.
Mason Phillips.
Granbery Honley.
Peter Anderson.
George Charlton.
Peter Low.
Haris Yeoman.
Robert Allen.
Hezekiah Smith.
Samuel Saterwhit.
Harry Smith.
Solomon Peters.
Henry Gibens, Sin’r.
Samuel Rite.
Henry Gibens, Jun’r.
Samuel Branton.
John Barber.
Thomas Phillips.
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Joshua Bunkham.
Tuke Taylor.
Joseph Jackson.
Thomas More.
Joseph Letchworth.
Thomas Bass.
John Beasley.
Thomas Fish.
John Yeoman.
Thomas Yeoman.
Joseph Booten.
Will’m Clark.
James Leigh.
Will’m Lewis.
John Mixon.
Will’m Barber.
Jacob Johnson.
Wm. Beasly.
James Taylor.
Wm. Booten.
John Bayn.
Wm. Gorald.
John Pringle.
Wm. Mickson.
John Anderson.
Wm. Leigh.
James Gallaway.
Wm. Ream.
John Philips.
Wm. Ray.
James Anderson.
Wm. Butler.
John Chapmon.
Wm. Rigbe.
Thomas Sutton.
Wm. Johnson.
Wm. Benect.

Taken the 25th day of October, 1754, By me,

Lewis Bryan.

My Commission is Dated Anno domini 1747.