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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Craven to Arthur Dobbs
Craven, James, d. 1755
December 07, 1754
Volume 22, Pages 328-329

Chowan County.

Sir: I Received your Excellency’s Command Dated the 4th of last Month Relating to the Militia of Chowan County, in Obedience to which I have herewith Transmitted to you, Everything therein Mention’d in the best manner it was in my Power.

1st. I have Enclosed to your Excellency the Most Exact Muster Roll of the Regiment under my Command I could Possibly Obtain.

2d. I have also Enclos’d to you A list of the Several field Officers and Captains in My Regiment According to their Seniority and the best Description of the Several Districts of Each Company I could get from the Captains.

3d. I have herein taken Notice of what Captains are Dead or removed Which is only Capt. James Jarlee that is dead, therefore I could Not come properly at the Description of his District nor the Date of his Commission. But there is none remov’d out of their Districts That I can be Inform’d off under My Command. I can’t properly Recommend any Person in the Room of Capt. Farlee

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Deceas’d, if my Observations on the 4th Article Should take place. But if they do not, I recommend Wm. Walton to Supply his Post.

4th. The Regiment I now Command wants some Regulations in it as your Excellency will Observe from the Several lists now Return’d, for Some Companys are about 57 Men, Others 125, and one 189 which Are no ways in Proportion. What I would Observe on this Article is That after your Excellency hath Appointed Such Captains as you shall think proper, I would advise to leave a Blank In Each Commission only to Describe the District & bounds of Each Company & to make them Consist as Near as possible of about 80 Men Each, Including Officers, which then will allow of one Captain more to be added, & it would be much more Commodious & Agreeable To the People in General, and the Several Companys would be very full.

5th. There are no Arms in his Majesty’s Stores Belonging to My Regiment, But as to Ammunition there is 400 pounds weight of Bullets and Swan Shot, and there is an Order of the last Chowan County Court to Purchase 100 weight of Gun Powder at the Expence of the County & that is all.

6th. There has no Defects Occur’d to me on the Militia Law, But the Small Allowance to the Officers & the Extravagant ones allow’d to Common Soldiers.

7th. There is but one Indian Nation in Chowan County, Which are Called the Chowan Indians. But their Strength is Nothing, and their Condition very Deplorable By the Artifice & Cunning of Some of their Neighbors. I am Informed they Consist of Two Men and five women & Children which Two white men would at any time Overcome.

I Shall leave the foregoing Remarks to your More wise & prudent Consideration.

I am Sir, with the greatest regard & Esteem,
Your Excellency’s Most Obedient and very Humble Servt.,
Edenton, December the 7th Day, 1754.
To His Excellency Arthur Dobbs, Esqr.


To His Excellency, Arthur Dobbs, Esq., Governor & Commander in Chief, &c., In North Carolina.