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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum from John Starkey to Arthur Dobbs concerning the Onslow County Militia
Starkey, John, ca. 1697-1765
Volume 22, Pages 336-337


In obedience to your Excellency’s Command, I answer to the severall articles to me transmitted, as follows:

To the first article, I answer, I refer to the fifth annexed.

To the second, as to the above article.

To the third, Richard Wallace removed, Joseph Ward proposed to succeed as lieutenant in Capt. Ward’s Company.

To the fourth, leave that to your Excellency.

To the fifth, never was any.

To the sixth, the legislature can best judge; only if some officers in each Company at certain times where to examine each house &

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see that they had arms & armunition, as the law directs, both those that are exempt from muster as those that are enlisted.

To the last article, no indian in our County.


Onslow County Regiment of Militia Consists of—

John Starkey, Colonel,

Edw’d Ward, Sen’r, lieutenant Colonell,

Edw’d Ward, Jun’r, majer,

Field Officers.

The white oak Company’s district, from the northern bound of the county to Bear Creek, consists of 75 men, 4 Serjants, 2 Corporalls & 1 drumer. Stephen Lee, Capt.

The North East Company’s district, from Bear Creek to the No. E’t branch of New River, having 58 men, 1 Corporall, 1 drumer. Rich’d Ward, Capt.

The North West Company’s district, from the North east of New River bound to the South west branch, having 89 men, 3 Serjants, 2 Corporalls, 2 drumers. John Shacleford, Capt.

The South west Company’s district, from the South west of New River along the Sound to the South bounds of the County, having 94 men, 3 Serjants. Tho. Hicks, Capt.

White Oak Company, 75 men. Stephen Lee, Capt.

North East do, 58 men. Rich’d Ward, Cap’n.

North West do, 89 men. John Shacleford, Cap’n.

South West do, 94 men. Tho: Hicks, Cap’n.

In all 316 privates, exclusive of the officers.

The lists annexed are what has been lent to me from the severall Captains.