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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Bond from James Innes for performance as Colonel of the North Carolina Militia troops on an expedition to Virginia
Hasell, James, d. 1785; Murray, James, 1713-1781; Innes, James, ca. 1700-1759
March 27, 1754
Volume 22, Pages 362-363

North Carolina—Ss.

Know all men by these Presents that We, James Innes, James Murray and James Hasell, of the County of New Hanover, in the Province of North Carolina, Esquires, are held and firmly bound unto our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France & Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c., in the Sum of Twelve thousand Pounds Proclamation Money of America, to be paid to our said Sovereign Lord the King, his Heirs and Successors for the use of the Publick of the said Province; to which payment well and truly to be made, We bind ourselves, our Heirs, Executors & Administrators, jointly & severally for and in the whole firmly by these Presents sealed with our Seals dated the 27th day of March in the XXVII year of his said Majesty’s Reign Anno Domini, 1754.

The Condition of the above Obligation is such that Whereas, by virtue of an Act of Assembly of the said Province entiled “an Act for granting to His Majesty the Sum of Forty Thousand pounds in publick Bills of Credit at the rate of Proclamation money to be applyed toward defraying the Expence of raising and subsisting the forces for His Majesty’s Service in this Province to be sent to the assistance of His Majesty’s Colony of Virginia & for other Purposes therein mentioned,” passed the 9th day of this present Month of March, the sum of twelve thousand pounds is applied and appropriated for raising & subsisting forces for his Majesty’s Service as in the said recited Act is mentioned which sum is to be paid as by the said Act is directed to the Colonel or Commanding Officer of

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the said Forces or His Order. And Whereas, the Honorable Matthew Rowan, Esqr., President & Commander in Chief in & over the said Province hath been pleased by a Commission under the great Seal of the said Province to constitute & appoint the above bound James Innes, Colonel of the Regiment to be raised for His Majesty’s Service as aforesaid, and Whereas, His Honour the President hath likewise been pleased to give in favour of the said James Innes, or his Order, a Warrant to the Commissioners appointed by the said Act for Stamping, signing and emitting the said Bills and to the Treasurers of the Several Districts to pay out of the money that now is, or that hereafter is to be in their hands respectively, the said Sum of twelve thousand pounds for the uses and purposes before mentioned. Now, if the above bound James Innes, or the Commanding Officer of His Regiment for the Time being, shall duly apply the Money that shall be received by Virtue of the said Warrant according to the Intent & meaning of the before recited Act and shall also account for the same in the same manner as all other publick moneys are by law to be accounted for, Then the above obligation to be null and void or else to be and remain in full force & Virtue.


Sealed and delivered (the words “jointly and severally, for and in the whole” being first interlined between the ninth and tenth line of the Bond.)