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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Muster roll for John Sallis' company of the Granville County Militia, including cover letter from Sallis to Arthur Dobbs
Sallis, John
September 06, 1755
Volume 22, Pages 365-366

-------------------- page 365 --------------------

Granville County—Ss.
The Muster Roll of a Company of Foot in the Regiment of Granville, commanded by the Subscriber, taken Sept. 6th, 1755.
James Mitchell, Acting Lieut.
Soloman Howard.
Jacob Perry, Acting Lieut.
Jonathan Barrett.
Henery Howard, Acting Ensign.
Christopher Osborn.
John Banes, Sergeant.
Christopher Harris.
Jesse Parker, Sergeant.
William Carey.
William Hicks, Sergeant.
Benjamin Ryans.
Richard Harris, Corporal.
Thos. Bradford.
William Jordan Corporal.
Robert Bandy.
Henery Jordan, Corporal.
Jeremiah Frazier.
Thomas Morris, Corporal.
Jeremiah Cleton.
Thos. Newbey, Corporal.
James Hembree.
George King, Drummer.
James Bandy.
Peter Perkins, Drummer.
Benjamin Simmons.
Thomas Christian.
David Howard.
David Mitchell, Clerk.
William Cleton.
William Moore.
James Roberts.
William Gowin.
James Roberts, Jr.
Nathaniel Holly.
Robert Glidewell.
William Holley.
John Parish.
Martin Wheeler.
Bartlet Yancey.
Francis King.
David Hembree.
John Thomasson.
Rodger Badget.
Edward Lloyd.
William Colvin.
Sherwood Harris.
Robert Hicks.
Gideon Cranshaw.
Jonas Parker.
Henery Day.
William White.
John Howard.
William Ogelvie.
Anthony Garnet.
John Stovall.
Henry Feagins.
John Stovall, Jr.
David Parish.
John Thomas.
Jonathan White, Jr.
James Blakely.
John Simmons.
Joab Mitchell.
Enoch Rentfro.
Thomas Howell.
-------------------- page 366 --------------------
Lewis Edwards.
Jos. Moore.
John Gallimore.
John Hall, Jr.
John Knott.
Richard Hawkins.
James Reeves.
Leonard Lindsey.
George Jordan, Jr.
Bartholomew Stovall.
William Gilly.
Edward Roberts.
James Ferguson.
David Hall.
John Cragg.
Joseph Ferguson.
William Cragg.
Osbourn Hedgpeth.
Thomas King.
Joshua Hogins.
Joseph Gowin.

Muster Roll. Examined: Pr. Jno. Sallis, Capt.

May it Please Your Excellency, I have made bold to Inclose the list of my Company, for I rarely believe they have set Names to the Petition that does not muster under me; May it Please Your Excellency at a Great loss for want of Commissions for my Officers, if your Excellency approves of those men as they stand whose characters you may have of Mr. Harris, beg Your Excellency to be so good as to Order Your Secretary to make out Commissions.

I am with the Greatest Respect Your Excellency’s Dutiful, Most Obedt. Humble Servant,


Return for Granville County, 1755.