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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Muster roll for William Hurst's company for the Granville County Militia
Hurst, William
November 28, 1754
Volume 22, Pages 367-368

Granville County.

Novr. ye 28th Day, 1754.
A Just Role of all the Troopers Names Belonging to Granville County under the Command of Capt. William Hurst. to-wit:

Daniel Osheal, left.
Philn. Hawkins, Corranate.
John Hawkins.
Robert Boyd.
Derwin Elwick.
Hopkin Wilder.
Joseph Duke.
John Green.
Thomas Williams.
Jonas Parker.
William Stroud.
John Williams, Junr.
William Persons, Senr.
Joab Metchil.
William Cheek.
Joseph Davenport.
Zachree Bullock.
Benja. Kimball.
William Williams.
William Hicks.
Petter Green.
William House.
Thos. Parrish.
William Duke, Junr.
Patrick Lashly.
John Glover, Junr.
John Norwed.
Ezeciah Terrill.
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John Williams, Senr.
Henery Vandicke.
John Frowhauk.
Charles Edwards.
John Coal.
Robert Callur.
Petter Kimball.
Johnathan John.
Thomas Green.
Matthew McMillon.
Robert Mitchel.
Elis Mareus.
Simon Bechum.
William John, Jr., Cl.

Endorsement: Capt. Wm. Hurst’ Troope of Horse.

Men 39, besides officers.

But few fitted with Arms.

Arms and Ammonition none.

A small number of Saq. Indians living on the lands of Colonel Wm. Eaton in Granville.