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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Mackenzie to Arthur Dobbs
Mackenzie, William
December 12, 1754
Volume 22, Pages 385-386

Wilmington, Cape Fear, Decemb’r 12th, 1754.


I sent your Excellency the 9th Instant an Exact List of the Officers & Troopers under my Command. Likewise a letter for your Excellency, which I hope came safe to hand. I was so hurried that

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I had not time to think of the Defects that occur’d to me in the Maletia Law in Regard to the Troopers, &c., for which I am in hopes of your Excellency’s Pardon. The Defects are as follows: The Officers & Troopers Pay p’r diem not mentioned, Likewise The Fines on both Officers & Troopers should be greater than the foot in Proportion to their Pay. Secondly, that no Person in Either Horse or foot, wither Officer or Private man, should go out of their own County to muster in another, under a Large Penalty. Thirdly, there ought to be a Collonell & Lieut. Coll. appointed for the Troops, Likewise the Collonells to see the Troops under their Command muster at least on∗∗∗ & am ∗ ∗ ∗ & that both Troops & foot shoud muster at least Quarterly. Fourthly, that any Person that once musters in the Troops should not quit it, under the Penalty of Ten Pounds, Proclimation Money. These are all the Defects Perceivable to me. My Commission as Capt.; Caleb Grainger, Lieut.; John Merrick, Corn., & John Burgwin, Quarter Master, was Dated 5th Octob’r, 1754 (?).

I am,
Your Excellency’s most Obd’t Servant,


To His Excell’y Arthur Dobbs, Esq’r, Captain General, Governor & Commander in Chief, &ca., &ca.

Pr. fav. Capt. Woodrow, Q. D. C.