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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Muster roll for Arthur Johnston's company of the Craven County Militia
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March 05, 1757
Volume 22, Pages 392-393

The List of the Company warn’d to the private Muster under Capt. Arthur Johnston the 5th Day of March, 1757, and warn’d to the General Muster April the 19th, 1757.

Lieutenant, Stephen Brice.
Joshua Taylor.
S’d Lieut.
Bassil Smith.
Joseph Granade.
Ensign, Benj. Brockett.
John Smith.
Serjeant, John Taylor.
Benj. Sanderson.
Serjeant, James Smith.
William Shepherd Foster.
Serjeant, John Kinsey.
William Gardner.
∗Jacob Taylor.
John Pearce.
Ernest Granade.
James Taylor.
John Fredrich Mekert.
James Smith.
David Gard.
∗John Bembridge.
John Ives.
Thomas Steven.
George Keith, Sen’r.
William Bancks.
George Nailor Keith.
Elihu Hall.
Samuel Smith.
John Norwood.
James Wallis.
∗∗William Davis.
Thomas Flibes.
George Lane.
John Flibes.
∗∗Lewis Barry.
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∗Albert Barry.
Richard Hall.
James Keith.
Newman Dunn.
—— Jones.
Caleb Holter.
Christopher Shilling.
George Barham.
Richard Foscue.
Benj. Foscue.
William Dunn.
Tho: Flibes.
Andrew Wallis.
∗John Smith, Virginia.
Solomon Smith.
Thomas Brumly.

About 50.

∗Appeared without arms. ∗∗Certificate.


Capt. Arthur Johnson’s Compa. up out of Capt. Abner Keale’s.