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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Roster of Adam Alexander's company of the Anson County Militia
Harris, Robert
February 24, 1756
Volume 22, Pages 396-398

A List of the Men that Formerly were in Captain Adam Alexander’s Company.

Daniel Alexander, Lieut.
Isaac Ross, Ensign.
Moses Shelby, Sergeant.
Edward Gylis.
Jas. Erwin.
Neal M’Kellope.
William White.
Samuel Craford.
George Craford.
Robert Walker.
-------------------- page 397 --------------------
Jno. Query.
David Adams.
William Ferguson.
Saml. Paton.
Robt. Wilson, Drummer.
Private Men:
David Ress.
Samuel Brown.
Charles Harris.
Moses Alexander.
Arthur Donaldson.
Andrew Alexander.
Jno. Gaston.
William Millican.
Thos. Lockhart.
Walter Hogshead.
George Johnston.
Robt. Robison.
Thos. Neal.
John Neal.
John Hawthorn.
James Trimble.
Jas. Loosk.
James Wyly.
John M’Kinly.
Samuel Harris.
Thomas Davis.
John Cormical.
William Cormical.
Reess Shelby.
John Carr.
David Caldwell.
Patrick Gibson.
James M’Feren (?) Richard Mills.
John Rodgers.
Jno. Ross.
William Woodside.
Benjamin Paton.
Samuel Paton.
Robt. Russel.
Saml. Ferguson.
Archibald M’Cleland.
Michael Paton.
Joseph Wilson.
John Hughs.
Samuel Thompson.
Alexander Whitely.
Dinis Laferty.
George Neal.
Aaron Alexander.
Thos. McCall.
Wm. Warren.
Young Men:
Jas. Adams.
Sam’l M’Clery.
Robert Trimble.
Jas. Caldwell.
John Logan.
Robert Harris.
Francis Logan.
James Harris.
William Harris.
John Anderson.
James Russel.
Alexander Ferguson.
James Caldwell.
Samuel Wilson.
Nathaniel Clark.
Icabod Clark.
Andrew Neal.
James Neal.
-------------------- page 398 --------------------
Andrew Logan.
Isaac Ross, Senr.
Matthew Young.
David Adams, Senr.
Andrew Davis.
John Wilson.
William Craford.
Joseph Smith.
Robert Harris.
Joseph Cormical.
Nicleson Brins.
William Harris.
George Cornwell.

Endorsement by me. Robt. Harris, Clerk.

February 24th, 1756.

Guns Wanting, 20. Married Men, 67. Young Men, 24.